Who is this kid?

Hey, I’m Jamie! (Shock it’s the title of the site)

I really want to learn how to become a digital marketer so I’ve made this website to blog and practice my digital marketing skills as I learn all about it. There’s so much to digital marketing that it may take sometime to get a grip of what I’m actually doing but I think it will be a lot easier to learn these skills by doing them rather than just reading all about them.

Digital marketing has interested me for sometime now but I’ve never quite knew where to start. It all started when I used to freelance illustrate and was playing around with paid ads on Facebook and Instagram. I found it really interesting working out who my target audience was and how to create an advert that was successful. When doing my research into these fields I learnt more about digital marketing and how it was evolving and since then I’ve wanted to become a master in the industry.

My background

Based in Cardiff, I currently work in IT and have a background in illustration so I believe some of my skills will come in quite handy especially when it comes to making things look pretty! There’s a lot of number crunching and data analysis to get my teeth into which is fine, I quite like the technical back end side of things because I like to understand what makes things tick.

Posing on the beach
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