Getting Started With Google Analytics

To kick things off I’m signing up to Google Analytics to track my website traffic and run site reports. Google Analytics is one of the most popular digital analytics tools out there, using it I can find out where my traffic is coming from, how long they’re spending on individual pages and identify poor performing pages.

To help guide me through how to use Google Analytics I’m following a Udemy course that covers a whole bunch of digital marketing topics. If you’d like to check it out yourself click this link. I’ll also be using other sources to learn more as I go, let’s get to this!

Google Analytics logo

Signing up to Google Analytics was super simple! As I already had a Google account I went to and logged in. Once I’d filled out my website information I was presented with my Tracking ID that Google uses to track all my website stats! This Tracking ID needs to be added to my website pages, I could copy the code and put it in every page of my website but to keep things simple I’ve decided to use a plugin called Monster Insights that does all that for me.

Monster Insights Plugin

The course I’m following suggests using a plugin to install the tracking id as it’s a lot easier but doesn’t actually link to any. After some research Monster Insights came out on top and seems to be the most popular for Google Analytics integration. Monster Insights is a free WordPress plugin that basically brings Google Analytics into WordPress. It does all the coding needed for Google Analytics to work on my website and allows me to see all the tracking information right from my WordPress dashboard which saves me from having to visit Google every time I want to check on the latest reports.

As with most free plugins, there is a Pro version that offers more features which is worth considering especially if you are running a business. Some pro features include keyword reports which give you an insight into what words people are using to find your website and more information on the audience you are attracting such as their age range, gender and interests. For me, the free version should give me more than enough to work with for the time being and I’m mostly using the Monster Insight plugin because it’s a lot easier to install Google Analytics on my webpages. I may do a whole post on Monster Insights at some point because it looks like a fantastic addition to any website.

What Now?

Just looking at the first page of Google Analytics after logging in is a bit daunting but I’m excited to learn all about it! Signing up and installing Google Analytics onto my WordPress website was super simple but now the real work begins. The next video in my Udemy course is a quick overview of how Google Analytics works so that will most likely be in my next post

FYI, I’ve checked my stats and at the time of writing this, I’ve received a whopping zero visitors! I’m sure once I start beefing up the site and learn more on how to market it to my audience visitors will slowly start dropping in. I wasn’t expecting this to be easy, with well over 1 billion websites out there it can be hard to imagine getting any visitors at all but there are a lot of websites out there that haven’t been optimized at all! We’re going to learn how to get noticed!

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