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You’re probably thinking how I made such an awesome website on my own? Well luckily for me creating a website has become really easy over the last few years and not just simple ones, professional-looking websites with all the bells and whistles are a lot easier to create than some may think. Here’s how I created

Deciding Which Site Builder to Use?

Site builders

I decided to use WordPress to create my website because it offers so much in terms of functionality and customization compared to all in one website builders such as Squarespace and Wix. It’s a bit more complex but it’s definitely worth the small learning curve, I’ve used Squarespace before and it became very limiting down the line. WordPress has over 50,000 plugins which add more functions to a website which means the possibilities are truly endless, of course not all plugins are Grade A but there are enough to satisfy your every need and more come out all the time.

All in one website builders aren’t a bad thing for beginners as they provide you with a domain name, they host your website and they offer all the tools to create a website. As I’ve mentioned I started on Squarespace myself and it was great at first until I wanted to add functions to my website that just weren’t available. Also, sites like Squarespace can become quite expensive compared to other options as they are an all in one package meaning when you’ve used the tools to create your website, you’re still technically paying for those tools every month even if you don’t use them. I’d still recommend these website builders for absolute beginners though as you’ll learn a lot.

Picking a Hosting Provider

To create a WordPress website I first needed to sign up to hosting provider who will get my website out onto the world wide web! FYI there are tons of hosting providers, the best thing to do is go for one that’s well known and reliable, for me I decided to go with IONOS. Reviews seemed good, they allow me to use my own domain name ( and they have an easy WordPress install so I don’t have to faff around with all the backend files to install WordPress. SORTED!

Buying a Domain Name

Once signed up I installed WordPress and connected my domain name to my website. A domain name is basically what people type in the search bar to get to your website so mine here is I could have purchased my domain name through IONOS themselves but it worked out cheaper to use as they always seem to have deals on purchasing website names, I’d highly recommend doing this too. I believe at the time I got my domain name for 99p for the first year which saved me a bit of money.

Building My Site

So, everything is up and running and I’m currently staring at a blank default WordPress website, probably the most daunting time for most people, where do I even start? I’ll tell you, Elementor!

Elementor is a free plugin you can install on your WordPress website that makes creating a website super easy! Want to add a text box to your page? Drag and drop it from the Elementor panel onto the blank page and start typing! Need an image? Drag and drop it from the panel and upload an image, it’s really that easy. Below shows a screenshot of what my homepage looks like in the Elementor edit view, the Elementor panel pops up on the left-hand side.

The free version of Elementor should be enough for most people but if you wanted to add a few more options you can upgrade to Pro. I’d definitely recommend Pro for anyone who wishes to setup an online shop because it has a lot of features that can get you up and running in not time! As well as more options it also gives you access to the full range of prebuilt Elementor templates which are a great start for anyone who’s struggling to put a website together. I myself use Pro because I don’t like to be limited, saying that I could most likely find the additional addons in another free plugin which I can install alongside Elementor but I believe it nice to keep as much as possible together so it all works as it should.


The site itself in my eyes is still very simple but the main purpose of this site is to test what I learn and log my journey into digital marketing. At some point, I’ll most likely come back and revamp the whole look and feel of the site but for now I need to focus on making content so I have something to work with.

I’d highly recommend WordPress and Elementor to anyone who wants to create a professional website. If you really are baffled by everything to do with the web then to start with, I’d recommend using an all in one website builder for the first year so you can get to grips on how everything works, Squarespace and Wix are probably your best bet.

I hope you like my website and found this quick roundup useful!

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